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We install inground swimming pools across Southern Ontario including Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the Niagara Region.

Our commitment to excellence in innovation and workmanship has Pool Installation Mississaugaallowed us the privilege of installing not just one type of in ground swimming pool but two in ground pool options to better serve your budget and needs. We install both metal wall vinyl liner in ground pools and fibreglass in ground pools across the Golden horseshoe; from the Niagara region, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton to Mississauga.

In addition, we are the authorized dealers and installers for most of the leading fibreglass pool manufactures across North America. A privilege that is rare among fibreglass Installers.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, so you can be assured that with us, you will receive an unbiased professional opinion to your advantage for the type of pool that will meet your specific needs.

Our pool consultants bring many years of “know how” to get the job done right.... the first time! Your personal consultant will work with you from the initial first meeting in your backyard, preparing a quote for the pool option that meets your budget, to reporting daily onsite progress reports right through to instructing you on the use and maintenance of your pool. We also provide the best warranties in the business from pool, installation and equipment!

Call us to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.


Mineral In ground Spas
A Mineral in ground Spa combines the beauty of a natural water garden with the health benefits of mineral water and hydrotherapy. Designed as an alternative to an above ground hot tub....A mineral spa is what an in ground pool is to an above ground pool kit.... Allot more attractive, durable, energy efficient and more visually appealing than a hot tub. Set your ideal temperature from 80F for a hot summer day cool down... or in increments up to 104F for the feeling of having your own personal hot spring...all year round! They are the perfect complement to any backyard if you desire to be near a natural looking waterscape but don’t have the space or budget for a pool.

View our Mineral Spa site www.mineralspas.ca for more information.

Fibreglass Pool Installation Mississauga

Fibreglass Pool Installation Oakville Fibreglass Pool Installation Burlington



Installation Access Restrictions?

Fibreglass Pool Installation BurlingtonIf you have access space restrictions down the side of your house due to fear of damaging existing landscaping or can’t use part of your neighbours’ property, then consider our conveyor belt option to remove the dirt from your back yard.

Also, metal wall vinyl liner in ground pool installs are quite different from fibreglass in ground pool installs. They both require a uniquely different skill set. Just because a contactor installs liner pools does not mean that they can install a fibreglass pool and visa versa. Certain regions require a licensed pool contractor with that municipality with appropriate insurance coverage naming the municipality as a co insured otherwise you won’t get your deposit returned after a complete inspection. Rest assured we have that covered too....WE get the job done right!


Mineralized Pool Water....Better than salt & harsh chemicals?
Yes. Learn more about our innovative Mineralized Water technically called Ionization....A NASA PATENTED technology. The natural minerals of silver, copper and zinc ions circulate and sanitizes your pool and hot tub water without damaging the water like salt chlorinization  generators and the more harsh liquid or chlorine tabs. This is why you have to drain the water in your hot tub or routinely adjust the chemistry in your pool with salt chlorination generators. Not necessary with natural and healthy Mineral Water!








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Installation Process

"Have you been putting off installing a swimming pool due to lack of space for machinery access into your back yard..

Has your neighbor not been willing to grant you access...


We use a crane to float a mini-excavator one foot off the ground between your house and your neighbors' without touching the ground or having to remove any fences. We hoist the mini-excavator up and over any fencing and onto the ground in your rear yard.

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Why Fibreglass Pools?

  • More attractive than most pools!

  • Over 100 shapes & sizes to choose

  • Can skate on the frozen ice surface in winter

  • Requires 40% less chemicals & 2/3 less maintenance

  • Reduces electrical pump usage by 40%

  • R7 Insulating factor - 50% less to heat