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"Have you been putting off installing a swimming pool due to lack of space for machinery access into your back yard..

Has your neighbor not been willing to grant you access...

...or have you feared the costly prospect of repairing expensive landscaping that heavy machine access would destroy.

If one or more of these issues is a concern for you, then...

Fear No More!"

The Solution: Have us install your pool without stepping on your neighbors' property or your side yard using our "crane installation process"

We use a crane to float a mini-excavator one foot off the ground between your house and your neighbors' without touching the ground or having to remove any fences. We hoist the mini-excavator up and over any fencing and onto the ground in your rear yard.

Now....we don't need to impede on your neighbors' property.

We don't tear-up anyones' landscaping.

We don't run machinery between your house to damage your foundation.

We don't need to remove any air conditioners ($300ea).

...and if access is really, really, tight between you and your neighbor, another option is to lift the mini-excavator easily and safely, over your house into your backyard.

Once the excavator is in the backyard our operator begins to dig out your pool placing the soil into buckets that the crane lowers into your yard. The crane sets up either in the front or rear of your home and lifts the buckets out of your backyard and dumps the soil into a truck.

This process continues back and forth very efficiently without a skid steer tractor running in between your home doing considerable damage.

The pool is also hoisted into your yard with this process and backfilled the same way. All materials for your decking (gravel... etc) around the pool is brought in this way so again, no heavy machinery is necessary to create any mess and damage.

This is a more efficient process...afterall...THIS IS HOW LARGE BUILDINGS ARE CONSTRUCTED...WITH A CRANING PROCESS!!

For many this opens up a new world of possibilities and opportunities to experience the dream of a backyard oasis with a swimming pool or pond spa.

We offer you both the traditional machine access option or the alternative craning process to install our fiberglass in ground pools and in ground pond spas.

We install across Southern Ontario; Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph and the Niagara Region.

We are the authorized dealer for some of the leading fiberglass pool manufactures across North America.

You can choose fiberglass models from Leisure Pools, Waterworld Pools, Viking Pools and San Juan Pools.

Our commitment to excellence in workmanship and innovation has allowed us the privilege of carrying not just one brand but several brands for you to choose from.

Fiberglass pools require specialized insight into proper material selection and experience to achieve a crucial level waterline. Our pool specialists bring over 20 years of experience in building to achieve this goal and all backed by the testimonials of hundreds of satisfied customers.

Call us to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Store: 905-518-8281




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